Who we are Shinken Dojo was founded 30 years ago in Kingston Upon Hull. During this time we have worked to establish ourselves among the leading Karate clubs in Hull, producing English & British Champions, European Wadokai Champions & English National Squad members who have represented England both domestically & internationally. At Shinken Dojo we are dedicated to the development of both Karate as a traditional martial art and as sport. We aim to promote the benefits of Karate such as, fitness, self defence, self confidence, respect & discipline and pride ourselves on combining quality Karate tuition with fun, appealing to both serious students, athletes and recreational karate students alike, making everyone feel welcome as part of what some of our members describe as a "Karate family". We are an English Karate Federation accredited club recognised by World Karate Federation and the International Olympic Committee. You're in safe hands With Shinken Dojo you can be safe in the knowledge all our instructors, assistant instructors & coaches are fully trained, hold governing body certification in both 'club' & 'competition' coaching, first aid trained and have enhanced DBS checks carried out on a regular basis. There are Karate clubs, and then there are KARATE clubs
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Frequently Asked Questions What is Karate? Karate is a martial art and system of self defence that originated hundreds of years ago in Okinawa. Literally, “Karate-Do” means “the way of the empty hand” referring to the fact that its practitioners use no weapons to attack and defend but are also empty of all ill intentions. How can I join the Shinken Dojo & what should I wear? Joining is easy, either contact us with your enquiry or alternatively come along to one of our classes and speak to one of our club instructors. We recommend for your first time training you wear loose fitting clothing, a tracksuit or similar. When you have decided you would like to continue with your training you will receive a Karate Gi (suit) with your enrolment. Can anyone do Karate? Yes Karate can be enjoyed by all, whatever your age, gender or fitness level. Whether you want to take up Karate for fitness, self defence or you have ambitions of being a future world champion. We have programs designed for members as young as 4 through to our more mature members. Karate has something to offer everyone. Will I be expected to compete? People take up Karate for many reasons. Our aim at Shinken Dojo is to offer competitions for those that wish to follow that path but if competing is not for you we offer a more traditional side to the art too. Karate is a contact sport - will my child get hurt or injured? Safety is priority at Shinken Dojo. As with all sports there is a small risk of minor injuries but no more than football or other “non contact” sports for example. We teach control and make sure all our members are equipped with the correct safety equipment.

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